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I'm anti violence and pro dignity (pink)

by Brook Andrew

$800.00 / Sold Out

3 screenprint layers and 1 hand-painted layer on BFK Rives 300 gsm
75.5 x 92.5 cm
Edition of 20 + 3 APs
*Please note that this is a variable edition and hand-painted
backgrounds will vary from the image provided.

I’m anti violence and pro dignity, 2021 is a series of 3 screenprints,
published by Negative Press in partnership with Garru Editions and
made in collaboration with Brook Andrew.

Please note that this edition is variable and hand-painted backgrounds vary slightly from the image provided, unless individually selected.

Edition 1-10/20
$800 individual print unframed
$2,100 set of 3 prints unframed

Edition 11-20/20
$1,100 individual print unframed
$2,900 set of 3 unframed prints

Based on collages made during an ISCP residency in New York City in
2009, Brook Andrew’s I’m anti violence and pro dignity revisits, and
extends upon, the artist’s extensive print series Danger of Authority,
2009, and Opinion as Crime, 2002.

View the catalogue of Brook's edition here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/355wjcmnbfnxf1y/I%27m%20anti%20violence%20and%20pro%20dignity_catalogue.pdf?dl=0