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Would like to know more about John Nixon

by Heimo Zobernig


On 7 November, the Pestorius Sweeney House in Brisbane hosted a John Nixon one-day memorial exhibition and panel discussion. To document the event, the Viennese artist Heimo Zobernig (Documenta 9, 10, 11) has created an A2 format four-colour (CMYK) offset printed poster.

The invitation to Heimo Zobernig, who is renowned for his typographic work, was aimed at highlighting John Nixon's internationalism. In 1978, John had his first solo exhibition in London with the important conceptual art dealer Barry Barker and over the years developed a wide network of international contacts. He also published several anthologies of pages by international artists, including Heimo Zobernig, who honours that association with his poster.

The Zobernig poster is inexpensive, with all profits going to the John Nixon Estate, and would make an ideal Xmas gift.

Poster design: Heimo Zobernig
Edition of 100
$55 incl. gst for pick up in Melbourne
$70 incl. gst and shipping Australia wide

Published by Negative Press and Australian Fine Arts/David Pestorius, 2020

Poster reads:
Would like to know more about John Nixon
John Nixon, one-day memorial exhibition
Panel '1980-1981 John Nixon in Brisbane'
Speakers Robert Forster, David Pestorius, Jenny Watson
Pestorius Sweeney House
39 Eblin Drive Hamilton, Brisbane 4007
Saturday 7 November 2020 1-5pm
Photo: Carl Warner
Poster: Heimo Zobernig